Discover Colonia Nuci!

These videos are done by EVS volunteers from “Learning through rural experience” project in the purpose of promoting the village Colonia Nuci, with its good and negative sides.


Time for fun!

On January 12th 2013, half our team and the project coordinator, were invited to participate on VTV for the show “Time for fun!”.

Enjoy our interview!

Research about Rroma communities from Valcea County!

This research was done by the EVS volunteers in villages near Rm Valcea, where are living Rroma ethnics.


Turkish night

So, ye, indeed, Turkey was the second country having is presence being made on “Chez Marie”, a local tea house/caffetaria in our city that is giving the opportunity to all volunteers to show their country´s culture.

 These nights are being held each Thursday´s evenings, available for everyone in the city that wants to discover something else about multicultural facts and other things are part of the cultural nights.  With this, the point is to create a bond between our volunteers and the Romanian people living in Ramnicu Valcea, which includes videos, typical products, dancing, music, etc.

 Culture is a word that doesn’t possesses boundaries or any kind of restriction, so with these cultural nights the main objective is to expand this concept in a large scale. During the evening, it happened to an environment of joy and entertainment present in all the participants, including our volunteers.

By MuratImageImageImage

Bucharest Evs Weekend

In the framework of our association, we were participating (me and Murat) on an event related to volunteering activities in Bucharest which took place 2 weeks ago, on the well-known park “Tineretului”.

 This event was congregating several of the main volunteering associates and also, people that are cooperating direct and non- direct with Evs. In this sense, the weekend revealed to be a wonderful period that we’ve spent in the “heart” of the volunteer main scene, being able to interact with the participants, exploring new methods and views, generally trying to identify new sources for bringing some innovation in our activities.

 The leisure was also one factor that marked our weekend, in spite of the fact we were involved with a huge youth community, which was a vital factor in our little trip to the capital. In the other hand, we met one former volunteer (Oana Mucea) who invite us to join an Evs caravan, so in this way we could share our impressions since we are volunteers in Romania.

By DavidImageImage


Definition :
Forum Theater provides an innovative approach to public forums and is at the core of the Theater of the Oppressed. Forum Theater has been used for analyzing problems and preparing for action.

In Forum Theater, participants determine what their priority issues are–usually problems from everyday life–and develop short themes. Role-playing serves stimulating public debate and searching for solutions. . The aim of the forum is not to find an ideal solution, but to invent new ways of confronting problems. Following each intervention, audience members discuss the solution offered. The experience has been called a “rehearsal for life.”

Application :

Objectif : Create a situation with “one victime”, “one opresseur”, some people with each and other neutral. The subject can be about everything. After we are waiting for people give a direction that we must take.

The first day, Georgetta explains this and we made two team of 6-7 people. We must find the initial situation. We decided to speak about one child who want be plombier, and the father want he studies to be doctor. The mother is with the father, the brother with the child. they are 3 neutral : Uncle, Grand-father and the director of the school.

The second day, we was in a park. we start with some energizers about confidence for example. and each team start to repeat. at the beginning, it was a little difficult, because we want wing it but we must respect the story. I was the grand father and i can say nothing. the public will decide for me. we repeat some times and to finish we made the same scenario but without speak : you choose one animal and you must play with the voice and the actions of this. it was so funny.
The other team was about battered children.

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                                   By Marine

Turkish lesson in the library

I was very surprise when I was invited to teach Turkish language lesson in the library of Ramnicu Valcea. That is because Turkish is not a very popular language. I was very surprised to see that the Romanian people are very motivated to learn foreign languages. I also met a lot of Romanians that speak very well Turkish. That’s why, teaching Turkish in the library is very motivating for me, especially because the good feedback I receive every time I meet with my “students”. I will be in the library until the finish of my stage in Romania and I will be glad to share my ideas and my language. Also I want to learn Romanian.

  By: Murat